here is the release and the mtn builds based on it

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i2p_0.6.1.32.tar.bz2 sourcecode
changes to buildsystem (ask for jetty download),stirct ordering of peers based on XOR enabled
changes to namingsystem,i2psnark startall button,option to disable lots of stats,creat account link
susimail,method of disallow peers with matching IPs (/16,/24) in same tunnel
Better information while dl update,better eepget stats
Important fix to find and use floodfill routers
Some more fixed for stats, calculation of integration of router
if floodfill is down choose another one
streaming lib improvement,should gain a speedup, irc dcc anonymity fix
correct newsfetcher to grab news NOT every 10min
added support for multiple opentracker in i2psnark
added support for multiple ressed URL
set to same destination same leaseset
small cleanups,default tunnel changes for mtn
speed limiting i2psnark,other priorities changed
idle times improvements,dont drop conn if only one is idle
first round of SSU fixes,back out strict peer ordering and persistant lease selection
extend shitlist time,add shitlist logging,remove old 10s udp delay,display udp conns on peers.jsp
track unreachable peer persitantly,exclude them from inbount tunnels,selected peers and floodfill lookups,show stats on profiles.jsp
fix persistant lease selection being backed out, use netdb-listed-unreachable, anonymity fix