here is the release and the mtn builds based on it

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i2p_0.6.1.33.tar.bz2 sourcecode
Cleanup of netdb stats,changed default outproxy to false.i2p.xyz,reject tunnel first 10m of uptime
Added reachability status and participating tunnel status to summary bar
Set SSU aggessivley if it has less than 3 peers,restrict <=.32 SSU only peers from in tunnels
Fix some cleanup bugs,cache based on src and dest,send reply leaseset only if needed (big save of overhead
persitant lease selection in again
Restrict peers requiring introducers from inbound tunnels
removed bwith stats for 1 and 15sec as they are unneeded
extend startup time of i2pnark to 3 minutes
Tweak cache key for efficiency,require 2 UDP stats when stats.full=false
Add message ifdropping tunnel due to load is requested
Tweaks to bandwith limiter of I2Psnark,changes to libjbigi buildscript
enabled strict peer ordering,based on XOR distanced by random hash function
reject 20min partiticipating tunnels after startup,shorten time from 2h to 90 min
of uptime of new nodes to request for participating tunnels
enhancements in I2Psnark traffic limitations,bandwith settings,...
small fixes to reachability for pushing out unstable from high capacity tier
dont bid for local IPs as transport,add updateRouter target to source
set maxParticipatingTunnels to 3000,add warnings to configtunnels.jsp
some bugfixes to I2Psnark allowing it to run standalone