Here is the mtn built 0.7.1-17, UNsigned, untrusted

Updater to 0.7.1-17

I2P install.exe for 0.7.1-17

I2P 0.7.1-17 as archive

As a special new test version, the GUI was implemented, for testing, use this ones:

Updater up to I2P 0.7.1-17 with new GUI-tool

Installer for I2P 0.7.1-17 with new GUI-tool

I2P 0.7.1-17 with new GUI-tool as archive

That new GUI tool is still experimental and you need to adopt your router config!
After running one of these two GUI enabled packages, open up the clients.config file in your i2p directory, and add the following:


If you ran the updater, you also need to open wrapper.config. It is a bit tricky
as you need to find the correct numbers in you existant wrapper.config.
Search the highest numer ahead of the =, usual 19 or 20. This is the X in
the following lines. Just increment X with the values noted in the lines.
Yes, a little math.E.g. if X=20, first line X+1 will be 21. If X=21, X+1 will be 22.
If X=19, X+2 will be 21. I hope you get it ;-)