Here is the stable 0.7.2 release and the mtn builds based on it

Remember: from the release 0.7 on you need Java 1.5 to run I2P, 1.6 preferred!

announce.txt Read the announce text of 0.7.2
i2psource-0.7.2.tar.bz2 sourcecode
i2psource-0.7.2.tar.bz2.sig .sig file for the source
i2pinstall-0.7.2.exe installer
i2pupdate-0.7.2.zip update pacakge
i2pheadless-0.7.2.tar.bz2 installer without GUI

0.7.2-1 - slahsdotted
Fixes by sponge:Code janator work, basic corrections involving @Override, and appling final where it is important. Also fixed some equals methods and commented places that need fixing

0.7.2-2 - nephew
Found time between take care of my nephew and built latest mtn version.
Now in three flavours:
Usual, withDesktopGui and updaterWithJetty with SusiDNS fix..
For changes: ZZZ forum entry.
Short form: raise i2psnark default limits, eepget helpfile, blocklist cleanup, prohibit some state of the fragmenter, prevent NTCP IllegalStateException, PeerProfile bugfix, new iFrame

0.7.2-5 - surprise in hotel
Another day, another built, includes the jetty fixes.
All other changes, look at ZZZ forum entry and addendum some sponge fixes for BOB.

0.7.2-6 - stack overflow
A new releasedate for 0.7.3 is set. A new step forward is build here.
ZZZ forum entry for short list of changes.

0.7.2-8 - tired moron
Latest mtn build, fixed for BOB and for dekstopgui. - BRANCH!
Some changes in -9 (which I did not build) and which are described in zzz forum entry 290.
Changes for -10 are: SAMv3 included, bugfix for blocking issues in SAM - Spatzen.
Sponge removed a OOM introduced in -8, changed namespace of desktopgui - NOTE the change needed to current config!
Bugfix for SAMv1-3 - viking.
Bugfix for multidest to run again. Fix NPE in advanced tunnel setup, put critical logs on top of logs.jsp, do not run unneeded AdminManager, rename some webapps.