Here is the stable 0.7.5 release and the mtn builds based on it

Remember: from the release 0.7 on you need Java 1.5 to run I2P, SUNs Java 1.6 IS REALLY preferred!

announce.txt Read the announce text of 0.7.5
No more headless installer files - thanks to a update of the installer package the i2pinstall.exe can be run headless!
Use: java -jar i2pinstall-0.7.5.exe -console.

i2psource-0.7.5.tar.bz2 sourcecode
i2psource-0.7.5.tar.bz2.sig .sig file for the source
i2pinstall-0.7.5.exe installer
i2pupdate-0.7.5.zip update pacakge

moron telephone - 0.7.5-2 now FRESH! NEW! DIFFERENT!
A long text in history explaining the path changes.
A lot of path are changed and preparation done for more path changes.
Some small bug fixes.
For more inforamtion I copied over ZZZ forum entry over to a simple information text about latest changes in 0.7.5-2.

2 to the power of 5 - 0.7.5-5 is build.
New look and feel, some bugfixes.
For more information, look at ZZZ forum entry and the 0.7.5-5 index page!

ash rain - 0.7.5-9 is build now.
Some small changes to the themes and some changes to the connection limit problems (as raising tunnel limit, do not drop class O connections).
ZZZ will tell you more as always.

flying toaster - 0.7.5-14 build.
A lot of changes to the gui, themes config in configuration section.
Sponge made some bugfixes to the streaming lib and BOB.

squattered monday - 0.7.5-16 build.
Mostly changes to stats collection for it to use less CPU power.
Detailed information as always on ZZZ forum entry.
Also some small GUI changes included.

The RC - 0.7.5-23 is now on my server.
A lot of changes to the gui, the themes and the eyecandy.
Also reduce numbers of max participating tunnels to 2500.