Here is the stable 0.7.6 release and the mtn builds based on it

Release notes are published under the official www.i2p2.i2p.xyz page.

Remember: from the release 0.7 on you need Java 1.5 to run I2P, SUNs Java 1.6 IS REALLY preferred!
No more headless installer files - thanks to a update of the installer package the i2pinstall.exe can be run headless!
Use: java -jar i2pinstall-0.7.6.exe -console.

i2psource-0.7.6.tar.bz2 sourcecode
i2psource-0.7.6.tar.bz2.sig .sig file for the source
i2pinstall-0.7.6.exe installer
i2pupdate-0.7.6.zip update pacakge

0.7.6-11 is build now.
Some bugfixing, changes to work on less ramas preparation for a android version and again changes to the router console themes.

0.7.6-16 - birthday bike is build.
Long list of changes at zzz forum entry - but mostly for updating inofficial builds.
Clean up and remove of unused parts continued, changes to themes also.

0.7.6-17 - unicode madness done.
New mn version, new bugfixes, new cleanup, better unicode handling!
zzz forum entry shows better list.

0.7.6-18 - sicko traveller build.
Improvements to random early discards which shows effect after 0.7.7 release in higher bandwidth, reduce of memory usage and i2psnark now uses its own tunnels for .torrent fetches and announcements - which is a improvement in anonymity.
zzz forum entry shows the complete list.
0.7.6-19 - mrmcd8 keys build.
A lot of changes to the session key manager. Save some amount of traffic and CPU load. Enhances anonymity on multiple anonymous hosts on one router.
As always, look at zzz forum entry for more.
0.7.6-21 - rome pool.
Now with sha256sum!

0.7.6-21 - home again.
Fix for NPE in I2Psnark.