Here is the stable 0.7.9 release and the mtn builds based on it

Release notes are published under the official www.i2p2.i2p.xyz page.

Remember: from the release 0.7 on you need Java 1.5 to run I2P, SUNs Java 1.6 IS REALLY preferred!
No more headless installer files - thanks to a update of the installer package the i2pinstall.exe can be run headless!
Use: java -jar i2pinstall-0.7.9.exe -console.

i2psource-0.7.9.tar.bz2 sourcecode
i2psource-0.7.9.tar.bz2.sig .sig file for the source
i2pinstall-0.7.9.exe installer
i2pupdate-0.7.9.zip update pacakge

snowy headache 0.7.9-3 is build.
It includes changes to the floodfill code and more important changes to leaseset storages. Those will be done encrypted across client tunnels from this version on.
ZZZ forum entry shows more information.