Here is the stable 0.8.12 release and the mtn builds based on it

Release notes are published under the official www.i2p2.i2p.xyz page.

No more headless installer files - thanks to a update of the installer package the i2pinstall.exe can be run headless!
Use: java -jar i2pinstall-0.8.12.exe -console.

i2psource-0.8.12.tar.bz2 sourcecode
i2psource-0.8.12.tar.bz2.sig .sig file for the source
i2pinstall-0.8.12.exe installer
i2pupdate-0.8.12.zip update package

Changes to plugins for autoupdate plugins, enforce max/min plugin version, fix router shutdown, auto-hidden mode for some countries, fail tunnels for shitlosted routers, register ports with portmap.
ZZZ forum entries:
zzz forum entry for 0.8.12-1.
zzz forum entry for 0.8.12-3.
zzz forum entry for 0.8.12-4.

Some small changes to i2psnark, i2ptunnel and console. And some Bugfixes.
ZZZ Forum entries:
zzz forum entry for 0.8.12-5,7.
zzz forum entry for 0.8.12-8,9,10.

New I2PTunnel creation wizard by str4d.