I2P collection, v0.3s

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subnote: all software listed here are from external sources, not made by me, except for I2P router updates

Links to some useful I2P software

Quick link to latest I2P version

iMule releases and nodes.dat latest stable I2P release 0.9.45
I2Phex releases and svn builds by me Latest monotone dev build by me, named one is the loniest number 0.9.33-3
i2pupdate.zip file for unsigned update function (copy link location to the URL field) or manual update i2pupdate.zip
I2PSnarkxl mod of I2PSnark with themes 20101114a
Pebcache webcache for gnutella,made by blub 0.1.5 Guide about I2P - really outdated 2009-08-04
VERY OLD I2P Messenger, inactive dev 20080428 Misc dev docs 2010-01-14
I2Pmessenger QT qt messenger in I2P, no more active dev 0.2.24 Contact information eche|on 22.01.2010
I2Prufus old bittorrent client, SAM, inactive dev 0.1.2 coredoc madeup by privateer 05.06.2010
Robert bittorrent client, active, BOB 0.0.40 stable Syndie 1.107b
PyBit bittorrent client, needs PySamLib 0.3.1 Tahoe-LAFS 1.9.2
PySamLib to bind SAM and Python 0.2.7 I2PPy-BOB-Tahoe-LAFS 1.6
I2P Rufus modified by Blub 0.1.2 I2P javadocs 0.9.45
I2P-bt simple bittorrent for I2P 02-07.08 Nachtblitz simple file sharing iMule compatible Nachtblitz 1.4.27
JWebcache simple webcache for gnutella by complication 0.2.4 OurFileSystem another peer to peer file/message sharing software 0.8.5
I2P tracker software and information Why I2P is slow and does not use my bandwidth?
transmission .deb and source 0.1.0-4 qt .deb SIC - a simple chat client
I2PBote eepsite, or old local archive 0.2.10 I2PTalk simple .NET messenger 1.1
GarliCat sourcecode 0.2.0.r531 I2P Bitcoin client 0.8.6
I2Pfox Aktie community sharing 0.5.14

Here comes my activities as a quick blog

2019-02-06 I2P .deb dev packages for buster

I did built dev packages for the debian buster platform with OpenJDK 11, Jetty 9.4 and libtomcat9. Fetch them under buster repo.
NOTE: those will NOT work on stretch and older releases of Debian!

patched i2p router test

Jogger made some patches public in our trac system. I applied some of them to our source and built packages to upgrade for a wider public test.
Hint: BE BRAVE! Not tested so far, anything may happen. All on your own risk!
Updates with jogger patches 0.9.38-0

New SusiMail Backend in 0.9.33-3

A big overhaul of SusiMail backend is ongoing, you can test current state of developement in latest dev built from here.
I attend FOSDEM in Brussel with Hottuna, a nice event with lots of parallel talks and events, sadly I brought home a fosdem flu :-/
A I2P talk was given on FOSDEM with basic information about I2P, it was well visited with over 200 people listening.

Please test 0.9.32-23-rc

As the following 0.9.33 will be included in next long term release of Ubuntu, it needs to be tested well enough ahead of release.
Please fetch the update files from update page and install them on your system, restart I2P and test latest dev build.
We thank you!

New I2P logo!

Today we announce a new I2P logo in different styles to be used in I2P software, presentations, and webpages, and bye others. It includes our brandname and a reminiscence of the old I2P dot-logo. It will appear on webpage and on I2P router console later this year, as it is still new and we still lack of ressources to do in-time webdesign and coding :-/
Have a look into the new logo in different styley on my eepsite.
The old logo with thes dots and ouir I2P mascot I2Ptoopie are still valid and in use by us and others.

activity goes on

I just made a new i2pupdate.zip file and new *.deb files from latest mtn head version, reachable in the update folder.
On a not so bright side a moron tries to ddos some parts of I2P just for fun. Not nice. Also not really logical, as the moron tries to get i2p dev team working better. Haha.
We do not react on this childish play and act against our code of conduct, and we can asure you: the main i2p network works as always and is not harmed in any way. Also the security and anonymity of I2P userbas is not in danger or harm. I2P is a nice and warm community and we do support this. Be excellent to each other!

Happy New year everyone!

After a stressfull but good 2017 it is time to say happy new year to everyone!
I2P has made some progress in 2017 and we did celebrate this on 34C3 with our annual I2P dinner. Also we did talked about ongoing dev of I2P for 2018 and far beyond.
So lets start to make 2018 a good year for I2P, and ourselfs. Also remember be excellent to each other, there is no place for harrassment or racism in our community.

New test builds

Ok, after trying a bit more, I explored a few issues with my built system. So I did new .deb builts right now, and removed the old problematic ones. Testing is really important.

just for documentation

http://em763732l4b7b7zhaolctpt6wewwr7zw3nsxfchr6qmceizzmgpa.b32.i2p.xyz/ (git.psi.i2p.xyz) git.repo.i2p.xyz i2pwiki.i2p.xyz


Jetty 9 migration. Be careful, some pitfalls exist. Do remove override.properties first, ant distclean, ant updaterWithJetty. Built my update.zip file in http://echelon.i2p.xyz/update this way, it will migrate your running system to 0.9.29-6 or newer with jetty9. There is NO way back! Also I did built recent debian .deb packages for use with recent Debian Stretch systems. Untested yet!


iMule was published. Also I did upgrade the iMule nodes.dat file.
Also I did fetched the Aktie torrents of the last few version, you can download them here.


Fetched some files from a tahoe-lafs archive od KyTvs site into tahoelafs/backup. Too bad some files are still missing.


Less time, updated a few parts. KyTV went MIA, too bad. We need a new .deb packager. Anyone able to do this?


Far too much real life duties. Updated the javadocs and the state of I2P funds. Still need time to transfer that to geti2p.net.


FAR too much real life and other duties.
1. I2P 0.9.20 was released today.
2. Have a look at Aktie - Aktie is a filesharing tool for I2P with groups and other nice features. Please try it!
3. Also the Vuze plugin is always worth a tryout, it works really nice.


Much much much other jobs to be done. 0.9.18 was released.


I2P version 0.9.16 was released last saturday, upgrade rate looks well. As there are some annoying small issues, we discuss a quite fast 0.9.17 release. Please stand by.


Killyourtv has made a debian package of the native I2P Bitcoin client. You can fetch it via killyourtv deb page. Try it.


I wanted to setup btc-i2p on a new Debian wheezy box. Not easy, as the repositories show only newer bitcoin versions and precompiled version wants a ancient libboost_system.so.1.46.1.
So I tried with compiling, fetched 0.8.6 source and patch from giv, and I get serious troubles:
In file included from i2psam.cpp:5:0:
i2psam.h:6:0: error: unterminated #ifndef
In file included from i2psam.cpp:5:0:
i2psam.h:218:18: error: ‘sockaddr_in’ does not name a type
i2psam.h:218:31: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘addr’ with no type [-fpermissive]
i2psam.h:236:11: error: ‘sockaddr_in’ does not name a type
Looks like wheezy is far to new, gcc version 4.7.2 (Debian 4.7.2-5) does not allow compiling giv´s patch.
Anyone has a idea?


I am working on replacing my old mtn server (mtn.i2p-projekt.i2p.xyz) with a new one. Old server fingerprint was: faa8753c514e24f90155bbc49567a96a0e563e5e
New server fingerprint is: a8b0b9ec6120e1aa173a9658ec71293e3d81ae79
To set the new server fingerprint, use the "mtn unset known-servers " command, while hostname is the name it is used on your setup, mostly for in-I2P-setup. If you used the public reachable address mtn.i2p-projekt.de, use this name.


If you want to run my compiles, do use java 8. I did compile my MTN versions with Oracle Java 8 JDK without the lines to set for Java 7 compatibility:
javac.compilerargs=-bootclasspath /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64/jre/lib/rt.jar:/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64/jre/lib/jce.jar
If you do run my MTN versions (at least half a year) with Java 7 you will get serious problems, do have a look on zzz.i2p.xyz entry. I will change my built system as soon as I got time. Sorry for these issues.

ZZZ has released a guide on HowTo install plugins in 0.9.14 in his forum. Sorry for these madness, but security is our goal and our ressources in time and coders are limited.


I2P release 0.9.14 is done and distributed via the in-net-update function. Users with a .deb install should update the package sources and update via those.
As there are some fixes for XSS bugs inside the router console, you should update ASAP. Due to these issues, some features of the router console, like install of new plugins, advanced options changing,..., are disabled now and will be enabled after a more detailed code review. Til this date, users can change advanced options in the router.config textfile on your harddrive.
I2P 0.9.14 does include a change which requires a update of the I2PBote plugin. After upgrading to I2P 0.9.14 router version, the I2PBote plugin updates itself automatic.


Still lots of other duties. I2P mtn version 0.9.12-15 is built, test it. It includes a far improved SusiMail application, also it includes some small fixed for the connectivity problems under 0.9.12 with being firewalled and/or hidden mode (as in Tails setup e.g.).
Also Nachtblitz 1.4.19 was uploaded.
And A few guys trying to get I2Phex going again. I need someone checking JWebcache against a new Java 8 SDK, as http://jwebcache.i2p.xyz seems to work no more as expected (list of nodes is empty). A bugfix would REALLY help a lot!


Yeah, I had a lot of other duties, jobs and problems to solve. But I just did a new mtn built with a nice feature zzz.i2p.xyz forum post and I should link the IRC migration user guide and the I2P Advanced Config Options" on this page.


After the security breach noted on 2014-01-22, I also stopped my false.i2p.xyz proxy and I did change the Bitcoin and Litecoin donation addresses for I2P. Please have a look on the I2P donate webpage for the new addresses.


I have had some other duties beside I2P and got on a long backtrack in donations. Finally I found time to update the list of donations and published it.
PLEASE do read it and crosscheck it!


-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Due to a security leak on my personal laptop I do need to change my I2P monotone key. The old one was the key echelon@mail.i2p.xyz with the hash "56c0064a8638fe180ed2f2726d6e2e404c788d3d": [pubkey echelon@mail.i2p.xyz] MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQC/oVMwyzMaSsH2WFgl209ZZn1TMGYo6SDBn3aI7Ohw5iIujBWX6D+p74iTkrlL1JOjmI2+nvStbCFbKcm4VxFQFrJ3DydrRGCmmRNhm8tKewei36sdhXzbAzxDTqBZOpmNL/TYQtpRgozKHmmix8yDgncva0TWSOjUmHRArXfAiQIDAQAB [end] The new key will be the key echelon2@mail.i2p.xyz with the hash: 6c728b0ffed3c2bf7fb0f3c583b30f966d9bacd5 [pubkey echelon2@mail.i2p.xyz] MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQC8JaZQ7KxawKeM83jxq4GtoPU3sjZnf+X9SKS5mhoBcmO7KdqWBTwTMs/p9xqKBiMWyr9TsUFq0XkUTW4bv2ac8u90CF7rbhhgUDDOF2HhaZrAOhVySnXBaIdmKMY607XvCcarNPTCbd1RsD9AmkYUr4l/rgRdji16bWPaxVjFxQIDAQAB [end] Also I agree that, in respect of the Invisible Internet Project (I2P): * Unless marked otherwise, all code I commit is implicitly licensed under the component's primary license * If specified in the source, the code may be explicitly licensed under one of the component's alternate licenses * I have the right to release the code I commit under the terms I am committing it -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux) iEYEARECAAYFAlLqWy8ACgkQmWhuE0qbFyOzpgCfem16aqdSI1L7LWuD+1byqV0k XQoAnjxdz2D2XWfD1YH7nU6c+v+QcEHP =yB+/ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


I am testing CONNECT/SSL proxy for some time on false.i2p.xyz already with some folks. Maybe you already have recognized it :-) You can try it, maybe it works, maybe not. As it already runs some mont and the Tor proxy plugin seems to work fine, I will disable it sometime in future...


Security WARNING!
As my laptop (on which I do some jobs for I2P) shows some very strange effects, I am no more sure it is 100% secure and free of malware. For bad sake, recent scanners do not show any bad stuff. Which is why I am puzzled now.
For security reason I will redo the laptops system and start fresh. BUT I cannot tell for how long my system was not under my control (as I assume a trojan horse, a rootkit or a remote control kit is on my machine).
I did a check of the latest downloads on this echelon.i2p.xyz server and they do fit against original files. Looks like this server is not harmed, but for your OWN safety: please check twice ahead of running!


Happy new year everyone!y
I got version 0.7.4 of . Please test the new version :-)

Note on the files: they are mostly UNSIGNED and dangerous! Use on own risk!

old stable releases

0.9.44 Version 0.9.44
0.9.43 Version 0.9.43
0.9.42 Version 0.9.42
0.9.41 Version 0.9.41
0.9.40 Version 0.9.40
0.9.39 Version 0.9.39
0.9.38 Version 0.9.38
0.9.37 Version 0.9.37
0.9.36 Version 0.9.36
0.9.35 Version 0.9.35
0.9.34 Version 0.9.34
0.9.33 Version 0.9.33
0.9.32 Version 0.9.32
0.9.31 Version 0.9.31
0.9.30 Version 0.9.30
0.9.29 Version 0.9.29
0.9.28 Version 0.9.28
0.9.27 Version 0.9.27
0.9.26 Version 0.9.26
0.9.25 Version 0.9.25
0.9.24 Version 0.9.24
0.9.23 Version 0.9.23
0.9.22 Version 0.9.22
0.9.21 Version 0.9.21
0.9.20 Version 0.9.20
0.9.19 Version 0.9.19
0.9.18 Version 0.9.18
0.9.17 Version 0.9.17
0.9.16 Version 0.9.16
0.9.15 Version 0.9.15 Version
0.9.14 Version 0.9.14
0.9.13 Version 0.9.13
0.9.12 Version 0.9.12
0.9.11 Version 0.9.11
0.9.10 Version 0.9.10
0.9.9 Version 0.9.9
0.9.8 Version 0.9.8 Version
0.9.7 Version 0.9.7
0.9.6 Version 0.9.6
0.9.5 Version 0.9.5
0.9.4 Version 0.9.4
0.9.3 Version 0.9.3
0.9.2 Version 0.9.2
0.9.1 Version 0.9.1
0.9 Version 0.9
0.8.13 Version 0.8.13
0.8.12 Version 0.8.12
0.8.11 Version 0.8.11
0.8.10 Version 0.8.10
0.8.9 Version 0.8.9
0.8.8 Version 0.8.8
0.8.7 Version 0.8.7
0.8.6 Version 0.8.6
0.8.5 Version 0.8.5
0.8.4 Version 0.8.4
0.8.3 Version 0.8.3
0.8.2 Version 0.8.2
0.8.1 Version 0.8.1
0.8 Version 0.8.
0.7.14 Version 0.7.14.
0.7.13 Version 0.7.13.
0.7.12 Version 0.7.12.
0.7.11 Version 0.7.11.
0.7.10 Version 0.7.10.
0.7.9 Version 0.7.9.
0.7.8 Version 0.7.8.
0.7.7 Version 0.7.7.
0.7.6 Version 0.7.6.
0.7.5 Version 0.7.5.
0.7.4 Version 0.7.4.
0.7.3 Version 0.7.3.
0.7.2 The version 0.7.2, now the old stable one.
0.7.1 The version 0.7.1, now the old stable one.
0.7 Milestone release 0.7 and MTN build 0.7-1 til 0.7-11
0.6.5 All 0.6.5 release files and 0.6.5-1 til 0.6.5-11
0.6.4 You now the drill, 0.6.4 til 0.6.4-11
0.6.3 Same as the lines below, for 0.6.3 up to 0.6.3-9
0.6.2 All mtn versions between 0.6.2 and 0.6.3, and 0.6.2, of course. In this dir are all the built mtn versions between and 0.6.2 Here you get the old stable and mtn versions before Here you get the old stable and the mtn build I made before Here is the last jrandom signed version and two transition version afterwards

Guides on I2P

I try to collect some guides on I2P here.
A longer guide on using monotone and transition from old cvs to monotone, written by complication - transition guide

other stuff

And finally some other files , could be useful.