Distributed email service on I2P

I2PBote is a distributed email system running on I2P. It includes technics like kademlia and else.
A documentation is available, to: documentation.txt.

Latest version is 0.2.6, fetchable as a plugin for the plugin system of I2P via i2pbote.i2p.xyz
Or fetch it from my eepsite:
i2pbote.xpi2p, currently 0.2.6
i2pbote 0.2.6 src
SHA256sum of 0.2.6 src.zip: e29f7b0d3ad2a7dfd2d32cbed9613f00b923b47a14125a0435ead328a97b5d50

Version 0.2.5:
i2pbote.xpi2p, currently 0.2.5
i2pbote 0.2.5 src
SHA256sum of 0.2.5 src.zip: 212829601facabaacfb761049862235789952f887a9b235abf76c05472d3f812

Version 0.2.3:
i2pbote 0.2.3 src
SHA256sum of 0.2.3 src.zip: c9dc12c592c91d09f41e8cc226a916c4b5dcaa0187e54b13dfde7b3b30936dbe

Version 0.2.2:
i2pbote 0.2.2 src
SHA256sum of 0.2.2 src.zip: 5d849d98fcebaca4954bf031b203e3a5c0fde93080b785b5bb5293c44f4f29c1
SHA256sum of 0.2.2 i2pbote.war: 3fdcd54c8b4ef8da20788528f8df4bcb6977e7308a8c3f6955fab39379919753

Version 0.2:
0.2.zip archive
SHA256sum of 0.2.zip: e03352c640a486c382a6064c9bf211253210c859b6e1b0f3c6043ddbcbd1f808
SHA256sum of 0.2.i2pbote.war: 20395ba1c7a15ced8c10510f45066c39d78edc1db6ac39b6eaeff969449f464f

A quick HowTo copied out of forum:

Current version let you do the following stuff:
* create email identities
* send emails
* receive emails

Be aware that this is very pre-alpha code. It may spit in your breakfast, take your childrens' toys away, etc. etc. You are encouraged to download the source at http://i2pbote.i2p.xyz/releases/0.1.2/src.zip and examine it for malicious or insecure code. You can then build the .war file yourself by running ant in the same directory as build.xml.

Or, if you trust me enough and just want to try it out, follow these steps:

1. Download i2pbote.war here: http://i2pbote.i2p.xyz/
2. Copy i2pbote.war to (I2P base)/webapps
3. Go to http://localhost:7657/configclients.jsp
4. Under "Web app configuration", check that i2pbote is displayed. If it is not running, click the "Start" button next to "i2pbote". If i2pbote doesn't show up, restart the router.
5. Wait until you get a message saying "WebApp i2pbote started."
6. Clicking on the "i2pbote" link in the message will take you to the I2P-Bote web interface.
7. The k-peers number under Network Status should initially be 0, then go up to 1 or more.

Email addresses look a lot like I2P destinations. They are tied to email destinations, which you can create on the identities page. If you want to send me a test email, use the following address:


If you want me to reply, create an email identity first and include it in your email. You can also send email to yourself, of course.

One more thing: You'll notice it takes a long time to send and receive emails. I hope to improve this in the next version.

Old versions:
0.1.5.zip archive
SHA256sum of 0.1.5.zip: febd3f87015d6501b5680235a80c69f12593f87e2be9141b8516ede8c9ca968d

0.1.2 i2pbote.war
MD5sum of i2pbote.war: e894937b9b89f6ff224f5f3fbfaa7eeb
SHA256 of i2pbote.war: e550a8861a27b2a57402810df6aed199b9c578294db858c4ce06e69026896f9a