I2Phex archive

I hope to host everytime the latest i2phex files here
REMEMBER: chat inside i2phex does NOT work!

Also a ugha.i2p.xyz/I2Phex wiki page was created.
And new also another i2pwiki.i2p.xyz wiki page was setup.
And take care, like in iMule, you need to enable the SAM application bridge on I2P router console.

There were some changes for JWebcache available, as Complication cannot do any official release anymore, I grabbed the sourced and made a new compile.
NO idea if this works fine or not, please write me if it fails.
I2Phex sha256sum.txt
i2phex_3. Source archive
All compiled by me on my amd64 debian jessy system.

The latest release by Complication is now done:
I2Phex release.

The source I just grabbed out of the I2Phex SVN repository:
source REV 4521. Fetch it and built your own version, if you like to.

Latest source I pushed into mtn: i2p.i2phex.zip, which is basicly a checkout from the SVN above.

Old releases and SVN builds:

Another actual build by me, latest I2Phex SVN rev 4515, build and zipped.
Latest changes are some bug fixes to keep I2Phex connected to other nodes and updating the webcache nodes. I do run a webcache node which is integrated into the SVN source.
BE CAREFUL! Test it!
i2phex. archive

A private build by me, latest I2Phex SVN build.
Be careful with it, test it first!
I2Phex ZIP archive
MD5Sum of i2phex_3. e9256202d2952e635dd5970168b0889a

Complications announcement


MD5sum of i2phex_3. is 64d9e4f768f97cefe7217b36ccbf484e



MD5sum of i2phex_3. is ab77075618de19ec4436a1d442c7b89b



MD5sum of i2phex_3. is ed5ddadc5a296f0187c2083aa9511d69


The very very old one: i2phex_0.1.1.38_install.exe
MD5sum of i2phex_0.1.1.38_install.exe: 01e66d6e50224c848487fe758628718e