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General Information

GNU Affero General Public License, version 3Nachtblitz is a free and open-source peer to peer (P2P) file sharing client for the I2P network, suitable for exchanging files anonymously (relying on I2P) and able to interact with iMule. It's under active development. Nachtblitz is based on the .NET Framework, works well on MS Windows and can also be used on Unix with Wine.

It's available in five languages: English, French, German, Polish and Spanish.

Click here to view a screenshot of Nachtblitz.


No, Nachtblitz is not dead yet. Version 1.4.27 was released March 23. Click here to view the changelog.

Additional Resources

For more information on how to run Nachtblitz on Unix, there's the Wine tutorial. Check out the Nachtblitz Section at the Freedom Forum. You might also want to take a look at the (unofficial) article on Nachtblitz on Ugha's Wiki.

Nachtblitz Releases

Nachtblitz users are advised to upgrade as soon as they become aware of a new release. The latest release is always a stable release regardless of if the version number is even or not.

The following archives contain executables as well as full source code. Check out the included Release Notes document for additional information. If you experience problems downloading files with your browser, take a look at the below section More Robust HTTP Download.

1.4.27      LATEST RELEASE

Release date: March 23, 2016 (1.85 MB) [PGP signature]


Release date: April 2, 2015 (1.85 MB) [PGP signature]


Release date: January 24, 2015 (2.05 MB) [PGP signature]

Click here to get older releases.

Official release archives are PGP signed (see above for each detached signature file). Click here to download the PGP public key for verification.

Official binaries are codesigned with a self-generated key (no certificate authority involved). The corresponding security certificate has the following SHA-1 thumbprint: 48 a1 4a 81 51 75 ad c0 22 74 d3 c4 57 37 b6 79 a1 73 d6 78. Click here to download the certificate.

More Robust HTTP Download

If your browser fails at downloading large files (it happens), you can employ the EepGet class of I2P to handle HTTP-downloads for you. There's a script in your I2P installation directory named "eepget" for this. You can access it through the command prompt of your operating system. Usage example (Windows):

C:\Program Files\i2p\eepget.bat -n 2 -o "C:\DestFolder\"

This will make I2P download the file "" and put it into the output folder "C:\DestFolder", retrying two times before giving up. The I2P router must be running for the script to work. Don't rely on the script to create the output folder for you and keep in mind that URLs are treated case sensitive. Usually the script doesn't give you any feedback, but the file will appear in the output directory after a few moments (depending on how long the download takes).

Download per P2P

In addition to the HTTP method above, you can try to download the latest version (1.4.27) of Nachtblitz using iMule or Nachtblitz from within the invisible eD2k network. The most secure way of doing this is to use the following official eD2k links and a Nachtblitz client for the download, since the download will then rely on a secure hash (the TAICH hash). In any case, especially if you're not using trusted links or if you're downloading with iMule, you should verify the PGP signature when the download has finished. If you don't know how to verify PGP signatures, ask someone on the I2P forum how to do it. If this all sounds too complicated to you, use the HTTP download to be on the safe side.

You can configure Nachtblitz to associate itself with eD2k URIs on the options window (on MS Windows only), so that your browser will pass clicked eD2k links to Nachtblitz automatically.

Release Archive per P2P

File Size:1,852,298 bytes (1.85 MB)
eD2k File ID:7EA81047E3FDB1A7BBEE497E0C043665

PGP Signature per P2P

Since you're already on this page, you can simply download the corresponding PGP signature per HTTP (it's only half a kilobyte). In case you prefer the P2P download:

File Size:543 bytes
eD2k File ID:146631B32C9CF12180F9636C999C7297
TAICH Hash:9Rn9NuGlompEL57QdLJs5nqLcQ-94ML7

Nachtblitz Fine Arts Expansion Sets

You can aesthetically enhance your Nachtblitz experience with the image files below, as they work well as progress bar backgrounds for Nachtblitz. You may download and freely use them. (They depict nudity and characters dressed in suggestive clothing.)

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