Public beta version of a I2P QT based messenger

Dev of this messenger went away, to. But Source and a exe are still available. The license of this software is GPLv2.

Mac OSX versions, with no hashsum, not tested by me.

You need to enable SAM in your router on configclients page to make it work!

My (eche|on, not coder of this program) I2P messenger ID is from now on:

Version 0.2.24

source archive of 0.2.24
MD5Sum of 0.2.24 source: 65f5eba884bdbd69e96b5c50994f8d16
sha256sum of 0.2.24 source: 12b3d2381c0cccfaf1cdc2a0ac38887c2187b9b870596a4e1d1af9554aa44e55
Windows binary 0.2.24
MD5Sum of 0.2.24 Win binary: 923497878fbd0384f370d941ef8b695a
Sha256Sum of 0.2.24 Win binary: f00f2ac77bbe9fcec5c5fc54e1de9c927d590ee78bae73a9f91f6ea8707cf520

Version 0.2.23

source archive of 0.2.23
MD5Sum of 0.2.23 source: cb634b938a3965cf73126e6ac0395c34
sha256sum of 0.2.23 source: d632472ea46f5e86b2d3be9e7f669141a1d0b598
Windows binary 0.2.23
MD5Sum of 0.2.23 Win binary: f3d6043db95598c69a09988b8d7dc3d1
Sha256Sum of 0.2.23 Win binary: cc4e128fcef493671b1959c78c523daa3016a27e

Version 0.2.22

source archive of 0.2.22
MD5Sum of 0.2.22 source: 5a264d03d5b1b78029613f1fadc64278
sha256sum of 0.2.22 source: 32aebd831326cb057e97789bd4e2033e090d1a3800cece4217b24ffecb62217e
Windows binary 0.2.22
MD5Sum of 0.2.22 Win binary: d5aeed11f075a1030d4631fa1cb3dfe3
Sha256Sum of 0.2.22 Win binary: 4f3c386981af32bccdc537b38b591853c2235c25f45f0b8cc85d5da06aae0c7e

Version 0.2.21

source archive of 0.2.21
MD5Sum of 0.2.21 source: 3fa6497c3f8b5aedf5c5b8f0d2c9a1e7
Sha256Sum of 0.2.21 source: d9563be120532c742e708f72db579b7f8966c110ec72c2c088454f11e01db2a7
Windows binary 0.2.21
MD5Sum of 0.2.21 Win binary: 0677bbd116ed2c776a188e405904e164
Sha256Sum of 0.2.21 Win binary: f438da2aead66b72da4637df7607ae7ee5bfc412ad4651f85b07eba3e982ff7a

For the list of fixed bugs have a look at the announcement in I2P forum.

Version 0.2.20

source archive of 0.2.20
MD5Sum of 0.2.20 source: b1163b3b721d019b01331cb226801376
Sha256Sum of 0.2.20 source: 7a3f4c230fa7f113e6fbe248bee330a84afa973bb479bd9d13285bd40df68123
Windows binary 0.2.20
MD5Sum of 0.2.20 Win binary: dea9885f2c36197e433ed1db2b607588
Sha256Sum of 0.2.20 Win binary: c49f5e94579c9f5c3f4b1660afe0447c1ce9de74e2e9c62c0ddee689f9aafa4b

For the list of fixed bugs have a look at the announcement in I2P forum.

Version 0.2.19

source archive of 0.2.19
MD5Sum of 0.2.19 source: 38cf02972079a08f96848c0e8cec24f7
Sha256Sum of 0.2.19 source: 66f7e41427d9931ecca3c0ed65fb318c163c31aea90d2ec685ffde54dfced121
Windows binary 0.2.19
MD5Sum of 0.2.19 Win binary: 4046a338826f56a4dfa4bc20a52df300
Sha256Sum of 0.2.19 Win binary: 36f53b0e83061461665b06924b541a77b9821a545bf4f1ae3b65d5c1c8a40a29

For the list of fixed bugs have a look at the announcement in I2P forum.
New in -18: option for storing config-files at home-stuff
New in -19: UserSearch-view is now sorted by Nicknames

Version 0.2.17

source archive of 0.2.17
MD5Sum of 0.2.17 source: c2cc4bc52b6501a65f61f1f8a14ac419
Sha256Sum of 0.2.17 source: 7cd9c37eba37b34c93670c76891b0c7d0a8f135e2c0d42fb9a3022aff584fd42
Windows binary 0.2.17
MD5Sum of 0.2.17 Win binary: 9a328d137fbcafc58c545ed4434903d3
Sha256Sum of 0.2.17 Win binary: 787cfebd81f06ef68d781e56f2b77dad844d293b953c0f4258bedd41827d4488

For the list of fixed bugs have a look at the announcement in I2P forum.
New option: subdirectory feature in file transfers.

Version 0.2.16

source archive of 0.2.16
MD5Sum of 0.2.16 source: a6c5059c91e6f37a0e1f064d31621b2e
Windows binary 0.2.16
MD5Sum of 0.2.16 Win binary: 256d47fab8d36e8efc0a40f9f96dc060

fixed bugs:
- FileRecive don't show the recived name as default-name on save window
- many small Bugs

- show Speed at FileTransfer - Window
- show ETA at FileTransfer - Window
- show Speed at FileRecive - Window
- show ETA at FileRecive - Window
- some things for debugging...(like the new DebugMessageWindow)
- new Filereciveprotocol for more speed

- User-Blocking Mechanism
- Block Invisible
- Block Normal

- User-Search with Seedless(thx Sponge for this Service,also thx for all people how run a Seedless Server)
(No Plugin needed)

Version 0.2.15

source archive of 0.2.15
MD5Sum of 0.2.15 source: a4261b26bbf45256a35cb596b991d6e7
Windows binary 0.2.15
MD5Sum of 0.2.15 Win binary: 6f5475e73e47cdefa1854ac0e947bcfa

fixed bugs:
- clicking on a url cleared the chat message window
- max number of contacts was 29
- new About window
- new window handling
- new workaround in chat window to hopefilly fix the backspace bug on qt-4.6
- show UnreadMessage icon in the messenger's system tray icon if the the chat window is not in focus
- double clicking the UnreadMessage icon opens or refocusses the correct chat window

Version 0.2.14

source archive of 0.2.14
MD5Sum of 0.2.14 source: 0bd2c0489e56db7921fb46ef922e5ed8
Windows binary 0.2.14
MD5Sum of 0.2.14 Win binary: d910c90710fa800d4657b3cd43e2adb9

Have a look at this text for more informations or at the forum entry.

Version 0.2.13

source archive of 0.2.13b
MD5Sum of 0.2.13b source: 520d4f78ebc01dde9099b89d28fc7518
Windows binary 0.2.13
MD5Sum of 0.2.13 Win binary: ac7878cfb21220217439d2c5c17b29a4

-UTF8 support
-fixed show userinfo
-invisible mode for some users

Version 0.2.12

source archive of 0.2.12
MD5Sum of 0.2.12 source: e7b17cbffd6ec7ef58077a5c7dc97037
Windows binary 0.2.12
MD5Sum of win binary 0.2.12: f5b43e2bd1915e28dae08a454f1d36f8


Version 0.2.10

Windows binary version 0.2.10
MD5Sum of win binary: d434ee0523223bead293e6ecf76ca37f
source archive of 0.2.10
MD5Sum of sourcecode: 508e7a2a1348096d0a4f0b935190c306

Changes: fixed some spelling errors, get userOnlineState correct,notice if I2P crashes, correct open file receive box
new build scripts for linux,remove messagebox from FileRecive, tunnelname to default options for sam sessioncreate
FileRecive/FileSend window add SizeTypes(MB,KB,Byte), FileRecive/FileSend to UserList, show User-Infos to Userlist

Version 0.2.9

Archive of sourcecode 0.2.9
MD5Sum of 0.2.9 source: 5ec5a59b51b9413f9dde84fabe6791a6
Windows version 0.2.9
MD5Sum of 0.2.9 win: 2761b091e891ba69c2f276bde73f66a3

Version 0.2.7

Archive of sourcecode 0.2.7

MD5sum of source: 3ea6d12123ac53d88cb6c2316aa8068d
Should build unter linux: run qmake and make and done, needs src package of qt4 and qt4-dev.
Note 2: need some edits!
have a look on forum.i2p.xyz thread
As some folks had probs with the .rar, I repacked that source as a .zip file, no other changes, but .md5 is no more valid for this .zip file!

win binary file

MD5sum of binary: ba4a88660cdb42b51dc39d242715c0d5